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Innovative Legal Solutions has been providing Houston and surrounding areas with top-tier court reporting services for over 30 years. Our certified court reporters deliver unparalleled accuracy, professionalism, and utilize the latest technology to streamline your litigation process. Whether you need meticulous deposition services, real-time reporting, or comprehensive litigation support, we’re dedicated to exceeding your expectations.

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  • Court Reporting Experts: We understand the complexities of legal proceedings and the unique requirements of the courts.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Fast digital transcripts, real-time reporting options, and secure document handling for your convenience.
  • Client-Centric Approach: We prioritize responsive service and tailor our solutions to your specific needs.
  • Competitive Rates: High-quality court reporting without inflated prices.

In-Person Depositions

Need an in-person court reporter? Innovative Legal Solutions can match you with a certified court reporter. We will ensure that they are familiar with your case type and terminology. Our experienced stenographic court reporters are well-trained and certified. They are available around the United States or worldwide.

At Innovative, we utilize the latest specialized equipment for fast, accurate results. We believe in reliability, integrity and accuracy.

Remote Depositions

In today’s world, remote services are essential. The legal industry is no different. Innovative Legal Solutions offers fully remote secure deposition services. Remote depositions are easier than ever. Innovative leverages these new technologies while keeping with privacy and security standards.

Increased efficiency and convenience makes remote depositions a great tool. Contact us for more information.

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Comprehensive Court Reporting Services

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Nationwide Coverage, Unmatched Accuracy, Streamlined Litigation Support

Forget the stress of finding dependable court reporters in every corner of the country. We’re the nationwide partner you need – a team of seasoned professionals delivering pinpoint accuracy and exceptional service wherever your case takes you.

One Point of Contact, Coast-to-Coast Coverage

Streamline your operations. We’ve got a vetted network of certified court reporters ready to handle your depositions, hearings, and trials in any jurisdiction. No more managing multiple agencies or worrying about local standards.

Accuracy is Just the Beginning

It’s not just about the words on the page. We offer litigation support superpowers: real-time reporting, video conferencing for remote depositions, exhibit management, and secure technology to keep your sensitive information safe.

FAQ: Your Guide to Court Reporting Services

A: Court reporters create precise, verbatim records of legal proceedings like depositions, hearings, trials, and meetings. Using specialized equipment or stenography, they capture the spoken word and produce official transcripts used for legal reference, appeals, and decision-making.

A: Look for court reporters who are:

  • Certified: Seek individuals with certifications such as Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) or similar state-specific credentials.
  • Experienced: Consider a reporter’s years in the field and their familiarity with the type of proceeding you require.
  • Reputation: Ask for references, check agency reviews, or seek recommendations from legal professionals in your area.

A: Core services typically include:

  • Depositions: Recording sworn testimony outside of court.
  • Real-time Reporting: Providing instant text transcripts during proceedings.
  • Litigation Support: Assisting with trial preparation, exhibit management, and more.
  • Legal Videography: Certified videographers for depositions, witness testimony, or site inspections.

A: Costs vary depending on factors like:

  • Location: Rates can differ between states and regions.
  • Complexity: Highly technical proceedings may require specialized expertise.
  • Turnaround Time: Rush transcripts often incur additional fees.
  • Additional Services: Videography, real-time reporting, etc., are usually billed separately.

A: Booking as early as possible is ideal, especially for complex cases or multiple depositions. As a rule of thumb, give at least a week’s notice, but more time is better to ensure availability.

A: Be prepared to share:

  • Date, time, and location of the proceeding.
  • Type of proceeding (deposition, hearing, trial, etc.).
  • Estimated length of the proceeding.
  • Expected number of attendees.
  • Any special requests (real-time reporting, video, expedited transcripts).

Industries that Court Reporters Serve

Here are some of the primary industries that rely on the services of court reporters:


  • Law Firms: Depositions, hearings, trials, arbitrations, mediations are all crucial to the legal process.
  • Insurance Companies: Court reporters document statements, investigations, and hearings related to insurance claims.
  • Government Agencies: Administrative hearings, regulatory proceedings, and meetings often require official documentation.


  • Medical Malpractice Cases: Depositions and hearings with expert witnesses require specialized medical terminology knowledge.
  • Workers’ Compensation: Court reporters precisely document injury assessments and related hearings.
  • Disability Hearings: Accurate records of testimony in disability cases are essential.


  • Corporate Litigation: Court reporters are used in patent, contract, and various business-related disputes.
  • Depositions and Shareholder Meetings: Official documentation of key discussions for future reference.
  • Employment Hearings and Investigations: For companies facing labor-related issues.


  • Broadcast: Accurate captioning for news broadcasts, documentaries, and interviews.
  • Production Companies: Real-time transcription of focus groups and research for television and film.


  • Accessibility Services: CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation) for Deaf or hard-of-hearing students
  • Student Disciplinary Hearings: Official transcripts may be required for procedures and appeals.

Additional Industries

  • Religious Organizations: Documenting meetings and conferences.
  • Non-Profits: Documenting board meetings and important proceedings.
  • Individuals: For personal legal disputes, divorce proceedings, etc.